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Commercial Business Paper Shredding Services in IN, MI & IL

September 1, 2021

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Commercial Business Paper Shredding Services in IN, MI & IL

Commercial Business Paper Shredding Services in IN, MI & IL. If you have a commercial business located in Indiana, Michigan, or Illinois we can help. Commercial businesses are a target for theft of both personal and valuable business information. Once a thief identifies who the executives are of a company, there is a good chance that executive has the type of credit file they are looking for.

The more information a thief can gain about a person or company, the easier it is going to be to take over a file or exploit a business. They even go so far as to create “information hack memes or quizzes” on social media. Think the quizzes you take on Facebook or other social media accounts are all innocent?

They are not, they are created to get you to overshare on social media with people you know nothing about. It and it is called Social Engineering, and it is designed to get passwords. I am sure you have seen memes on social media that say something like, “Name of your pet who is no longer with us”, “25 random things about me”, “first 7 jobs” all those things are designed with a purpose, to get you to overshare.

Protecting Your Business

If you have a business chances are your businesses are not doing social media quizzes, that is more of a personal approach to gaining information. What thieves will target though is your trash. What they look for is confidential information that has been improperly or inadequately disposed of. The information gets through more than you think.  One common way information gets through is employees putting sensitive information in the recycling bin.

Employees often feel that it’s safe to place confidential documents into a recycling bin since the document will be destroyed instead of being shipped to a landfill. This couldn’t be further from the truth and the thieves know it. When you hire a commercial shredding company, most of them recycle the shredded papers and documents. Sensitive information should always go into the shredding console.

Commercial Shredding Consoles

If you own a business and have taken the steps to hire a shredding company, one of the things that will help make it successful, is the placement of the shredding consoles. If shredding consoles are not within six to ten feet of workstations, there is a good chance they will not get used, here’s why.

If your employee is busy at their desk and the shredding console is on the other side of the room, there is a good chance that they will stack confidential information at their desk until they get a chance to go to the console. As the day gets more hectic, time fly’s by and before you know it these papers are in the way, the employee will usually do one of two things. One. Simply through them in his trash can. Two. Rip them up with his hand first and then through them in his trash can.

To make sure your employees are using the shredding consoles proper placement of the consoles and proper training is essential for any successful commercial shredding service.

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