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Commercial Document Shredding

May 5, 2021

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Commercial Document Shredding

Commercial Document Shredding. Shredding documents has now become a priority within the business world. Beyond just freeing up space that houses the documents, there are state and federal laws that require businesses to accomplish document destruction. Depending upon the type of business, they may be required to show proof of appropriate destruction due to personal, private, and patient health information. The era of in-house shredding has made a drastic change and is no longer a relevant approach.

At What Point Should a Business Consider a Document Shredding Service?

Whether a company stores documents on or off-site, the storage area is valuable space. In the case of organizations that have personal and private customer/patient information, there are end-of-life time periods requiring that the documents be shredded. The option of choosing a professional shredding service such as Healthcare Waste Management offers peace of mind while also receiving certification of proof of destruction that can be used for audits and/or potential legal situations.  There are some symptoms that an organization can look for that can help them recognize when it is time to choose a professional document shredding service:

Healthcare Waste Management has a staff that specializes in local, state, and federal guidelines regarding all aspects of medical waste disposal, including shredding. We coordinate with our clients for the most efficient day/time for pickup of their documents and do not require the removal of paper clips or folders. Our in-house drivers show up, pick up the documents in secure containers and ensure that they are shredded using a high technology “piece and tear” shredding process. We supply our clients with a certificate of proof of destruction.

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