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Document Destruction

October 15, 2021

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Document Destruction

Document Destruction. Documents continue to be used and required in a variety of business and personal settings. Whether paper or plastic, the documents that we have contain personal and proprietary information that are a primary interest for those that want to steal identities and valuable company data. With millions of dollars lost in identity theft and stolen business information, there is a priority to focus on appropriate and secure document destruction.

In-house, single strip shredding is no longer the acceptable method used for document destruction. This has historically been a main method accessed by criminals for the purpose of reassembling paper and gaining access to personal and company information. The use of professional, licensed, and trained document destruction companies has become part of doing business and offers the added benefit of certificates guaranteeing total destruction.

One Time or Scheduled

The best document destruction companies are very flexible to accommodate the needs of individuals or businesses. Whether you are relocating, merging, getting rid of old tax records, done with an audit, or just cleaning house, a document destruction company can coordinate a one time pickup or set up a schedule for pickup dates and times that meet your needs.

Complying with Laws

Many organizations are required by law to keep patient/customer information protected. These businesses will need an onsite drop off of secure and locked cabinets to hold the documents so that trained drivers can pickup the documents and take to offsite facility where documents will be destroyed using state-of-the-art shredders that render the documents into tiny, illegible pieces. The process not only eases the burden of storing old documents but is cost-effective. Clients are more willing to use the services of companies that use professional document destruction as they are reassured that their data is protected. 

Residential Document Destruction

While private residents don’t usually have as many documents as businesses, they also don’t often take old documents to professional shredders. This lets the paperwork build up and become security and fire hazards, and the problem compounds as no one wants to remove all of the folders and paperclips, load up the containers, and take to a shredding company.  Professional shredding companies can reassure residents by letting them know that the only thing they have to do is have the documents ready to pick up.

Flexibility, Customization, Security

The best document destruction companies work with clients for single or multiple pickup schedules, don’t require any additional work to prepare the documents, customize document destruction to also include technology and device destruction, and offer the security of using their own trained drivers, trucks, and destruction facilities. For organizations that require proof of destruction, certificates of completion are supplied to accommodate any potential audit or by law. Each level is a feature that brings cost effective peace of mind to anyone that wants to ensure their personal and business information is never accessed by those that would use it for harm. The better document destruction companies are responsible stewards for the environment, making sure that no pollutants are added to landfills.

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