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Documents Businesses Need to Keep Secure

October 15, 2021

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Documents Businesses Need to Keep Secure

Documents Businesses Need to Keep Secure. Whenever we consider high priority documents that we know must be kept secure we usually think about taxes, credit cards, and anything that has social security numbers on them. However, there are a number of documents that should be included in this category that some many not consider. This is taken to another level for businesses because there are some state and federal laws that have specific requirements for the security of documents. Depending upon the type of organization, a company may have to keep documents in a state of security for many years.

Every business has a collection of documents that are considered to be proprietary. These can run from contracts and partnerships to legal docs involving copy writes, trademarks, human resources, and so many that they may not even think of. Some industries, such as life insurance require that the company maintain all policies in a secure condition until the policy is canceled, denied, or used when the member is deceased; which can be decades. Every business needs to check with any state and federal requirements for the method and duration required for document retention and security.

Some Documents to Keep Secure

All companies are required to keep certain documents secure so that they aren’t accessed by unauthorized personnel or hijacked by those that want to use them for illicit purposes.  The documents should be easily accessed for various compliancy laws, legal situations, audits, or as a method to gauge the direction of the company.  

Financial Records

A company’s financial records can cover quite a few topics such as:

Employee information can include a variety of personal and private data but also a legend of the employee status during employment. In many cases, these documents may also involve medical information, which then involves the HIPAA privacy guidelines.

All documents that could be considered for use in an legal proceedings or required to be produced and/or saved in security for state or federal compliancy purposes.

Procedures and Policies for a Business

Companies maintain a policies and procedures that assist management in the operations of the day to day business.

Miscellaneous Documents

These records often don’t fall into specific categories but may be necessary to assist in business operations, customer service, or general service information.

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