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Need to Shred Documents, Get a Shredding Service Today

July 9, 2021

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Need to Shred Documents, Get a Shredding Service Today

Need to Shred Documents, Get a Shredding Service Today. Data and information in today’s world is spread out over a variety of methods. While the digital age has taken over most of the sources for maintaining personal and proprietary information, businesses still use paper/document forms. All areas of storage have an eventual end-of-life or reason to achieve destruction and to comply with the newer laws, it is both logical and cost-effective to make use of a document shredding service.

Healthcare Waste Management specializes in secure and guaranteed methods of shredding for both data storage and paper forms. HWM makes use of professional companies such as SHREDDRS (another HWM company) for innovative technologies that eliminate any security threat, ensures privacy, and complies with government regulations.

Paper Shredding Using a Service

Theft of personal and proprietary information has continued to increase year-over-year, costing billions of dollars to both companies and individuals. In an attempt to address this crisis, the federal government has instituted a number of laws to force businesses to take steps for the protection of client, patient, and even their own information. The laws involve specific methods and proof of destruction of data and lack of compliance can result in high dollar fines. Businesses can no longer guarantee or offer proof of destruction with in-house shredding practices. Those shredders were often costly to maintain and used valuable employee time.

Our sister company SHEDDRS meets the needs of secure document destruction in a cost-effective way. Secure and lockable cabinets are supplied to our customers so that when our drivers arrive at a pre-approved scheduled time, they can pick them up and transport them to our facility for destruction. Clients can place documents, folders, even hard drives in the cabinets without the hassle of removing paperclips or clamps. The high-tech “piece-and- tear” shredding machine ensures that the item is cut so that they can never be reassembled. Once accomplished, a certificate of destruction is supplied to the customer for compliance or legal proof.

Hard drive and Other Digital Technology Destruction

Digital technology data storage is available on quite a few different formats. As the information becomes no longer useful or needed there is a requirement to remove it from the source. The storage types now run a gamut that can include hard drives, USBs, and tablets and each demands a more in-depth method of data removal. Simple data deletion does not guarantee that the information has been successfully removed and, with government regulations, there is a need for guaranteed destruction.

For device destruction SHREDDRS brings the ability to ensure that all technologies are destroyed and become unusable. Our drivers arrive at a facility, pickup all devices that are intended for destruction, and take full responsibility once the pickup occurs. We transport the devices to our facilities where they are torn into usable pieces and supply the client with a proof of destruction document. An additional benefit is that we work with recycling organizations that can take remnants that could be recycled into other items. Our guarantee for complete and secure device destruction brings peace of mind to our customers.

Coordinating with a professional and experienced waste disposal company such as Healthcare Waste Management is a smart decision in today’s business.

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