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Paper Shredding & Document Destruction Services

August 5, 2021

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Paper Shredding & Document Destruction Services

Paper Shredding & Document Destruction Services. In this high security-conscious time, the era of do-it-yourself document shredding is no longer a viable option. There are state and federal laws that dictate the requirement to have documents completely destroyed and be able to show proof of destruction.  Many organizations are turning to professional paper shredding and document destruction services such as Healthcare Waste Management to ensure compliance and have peace of mind that all sensitive information is destroyed.

Paper documents often contain personal, client, and proprietary information that is required to be securely stored until it reaches end-of-life. Once the reach the point where the documents are no longer needed they are also required to be maintained in a secure condition prior to destruction to protect them against those that would use the information for nefarious reasons. Companies are looking to licensed and professional services such as Healthcare Waste Management to arrange pre-scheduled dates and times for secure document pickup and destruction. 

Paper Documents Remain a Source for Identity Theft

Some of the easiest methods of stealing proprietary and personal information is in taking full documents and badly shredded documents from a company’s trash or recycling. Some companies have storage areas for paper and make the decision to get rid of the paper without taking the kind of security precautions that they need.

Once any of the highly sensitive documents are stolen, criminals can steal customer data including personal and private information. Without proof of destruction, state and federal agencies can impose fines and penalties that are so high that they could potentially put a company out of business. In addition, there is the potential of legal situations that can occur when customers have their information stolen. Placing priority attention on proper document shredding and destruction is now part of the cost of doing business. The potential financial risk and loss of reputation is not worth attempting to shred documents in-house and attention needs to be given to use a professional and licensed paper/document shredding company such as Healthcare Waste Management.

Benefits of Using Healthcare Waste Management Services

Attempting to shred documents internally is not cost-effective. Beyond the wasted valuable time of employees, documents are exposed for potential theft, there is a cost associated with multiple shredders and maintaining the shredders, most companies don’t use shredders that offer complete destruction, and there is no certificate or proof of destruction for audits or legal situations.

The best document shredding companies such as Healthcare Waste Management bring cost-effective solutions such as:

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