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Paper Shredding

October 15, 2021

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Paper Shredding

Paper Shredding. Shredding was once a topic that very few gave attention to. However, currently, paper shredding has become an absolute must as part of maintaining security for all of our important documents. For anyone that has viewed some of the criminal shows on television or in the movies, they know that it’s no longer acceptable to use the old-school single cut shredders so that thieves can reassemble the pieces. Paper shredding, like so many other things in life, has become a lot more complex.

Identity theft remains one of the top crimes around the world and the lack of proper shredding of confidential documents simply hands your personal or business information to them. With 1 out of every 15 people becoming victims of identity theft in the country, proper paper shredding is a priority in ensuring security.  The easiest and best way to guarantee that all paper is shredded so that it cannot be accessed or read is to use a paper/document shredding service.

Who Needs to Use a Shredding Service?

Businesses continue to be a focus for paper shredding services. We have yet to achieve a complete digital age and many organizations have rooms filled with documents. In some cases, they are required to retain paperwork for a duration of time due to state and federal laws. Companies are also often involved in audits and litigation that result in the production of a lot of paper that is no longer needed once the procedures are done. Requirements are even higher for those in the healthcare industry, where they need to secure and protect any documents that contains patient data but can get rid of anything that is no longer relevant. Organizations also use shredding services when they are relocating, involved in mergers or business consolidations, or have regularly scheduled bulk cleanouts. Storing paper is an expense for a business and cleanouts can be cost effective. The finality of any audit, litigation, or documents from a tax year no longer needed can be a reason to bring in a professional shredding service.

Residents also need to use a shredding service. Not all homes have an appropriate shredder and when that happens, they tend to store all of their documents. In time, this can become overwhelming and then they just do not want to deal with it. This situation can be compounded when they have multiple years of tax documents that they need to shred. The condition becomes even more important when there is a move from one home to a new one. While there are some cities that have shredding locations, this requires that the resident remove all paperclips and folders and then put all of their documents in their vehicles and transport it to the shredding company.

Shredding Companies

For ease, convenience and security, the best option for both businesses and residents is to coordinate a pickup with a professional, licensed, and trained paper shredding service. A professional shredding service will send their own drivers and trucks, do not require that you do anything except have the documents available for pickup and ensure the safety and security of all documents.

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