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Protecting What Matters: The Benefits of “Pierce-and-Tear” Shredding

October 23, 2020

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Protecting What Matters: The Benefits of “Pierce-and-Tear” Shredding

Protecting What Matters: The Benefits of “Pierce-and-Tear” Shredding. In today’s business world the protection of proprietary and confidential documents is considered to be part of the cost of doing business. Every medical and healthcare professional or any organization that contains private patient data is fully aware of the legal requirements of keeping documents safe and the necessity of complete destruction when they are no longer viable. Gone are the days of internal shredding using those old strip cut shredders. The fact that criminals have discovered methods to read those documents now require organizations to use secure document shredding services. However, the best services make use of a process called “pierce-and-tear” shredding that assures that nothing is left of a document that could be read.

Protecting What Matters: The Benefits of “Pierce-and-Tear” Shredding. “Pierce-and-tear” shredding is a unique method that begins by piercing the paper and then tears it apart with the use of rotating blades. This particular process is unique in that the results end with no two pieces of paper being exactly the same. This is a much more secure method than strip shredding which allows criminals to put together each strip to re-create the original document. The “pierce-and-tear” process guarantees that the pieces are not only smaller but are indistinguishable.

Healthcare Waste Management and SHREDDRS use pierce-and-shred shredding as part of our document security guarantee. We take care of the shredding from start to finish so that our clients have peace of mind knowing their facility is complying with the law and confidential documents are protected. The goal of Healthcare Waste Management is to offer services that protect the reputation of our customers, assist in compliance, keep costs down, and reduce waste in an environmentally friendly way by recycling all of the resulting waste.

Contact a Healthcare Waste Management representative today to learn more about our 100% safe and secure document destruction services. Protect what matters!

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