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Reduce Business Risk with Document Shredding

January 19, 2022

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Reduce Business Risk with Document Shredding

Reduce Business Risk with Document Shredding. How can you reduce risk in your business? One way to do this is with document shredding. When you choose a company to do your document shredding for you, there are a few things that need to be considered. Some companies offer commercial shredding services, which are very large and expensive machines that are used for commercial, industrial use.

These machines can destroy any type of material- even hard drives!

The best company is the one that will meet all your needs. Here at Healthcare Waste Management, we offer commercial shredding services to any sized business from a single doctor’s office to regional multi location new car dealerships, we can help.  

Why Document Shredding is Important

Choosing a company that will do your document shredding for you is essential. Whether you need a one-time purge or scheduled commercial services, one way to reduce risk in your business is by using a company that does document shredding for you. Doing so can help keep unwanted people from being able to see sensitive information about your company and keep employees from leaking confidential customer information. Commercial Document shredding services provide your business with proof and intent in case of a data breach.

Having a certificate of destruction to show in court, if need be, can be the difference of being liable or not. Having a shredding service and shredding policies in place can show your company is doing everything it can to help keep, employees, customers, and your business data secure.

The monetary costs that are involved in fines, fees, and lawsuits for not properly destroying documents can be enough to bring a business down. Using the Healthcare Waste Management safe-shredding services is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of pertinent and private information. We provide industrial-sized cross-cut shredders that destroy documents, hard drives, and even products in minutes and result in shredded pieces that are too small to recognize.

Gone are the days of paying employees to take hours to shred documents onsite. When you use secure document destruction you are being proactive in protecting everyone and complying with the laws.

As a reliable partner, we will coordinate with you to establish a convenient shredding schedule. This reduces the cost of on-site storage and ensures that all personal and proprietary information for your company, clients, customers, and employees is destroyed with proof of destruction.


Document shredding is an important part of protecting your company’s sensitive data. Companies spend so much time and money on marketing and research, but when it comes to their security, they often don’t spend enough time.

We take Secure Document Destruction seriously. Our drivers arrive at your business location and set your organization up with secure locking cabinets or large document carts for safe storage of your documents until they are removed and shredded.

We can help you reduce waste, risk & cost to keep your employees, customers, and your business secure. Contact us today for all your shredding needs!

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