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Secure Document Shredding for Your Business

January 5, 2022

Secure Document Shredding for Your Business

Secure Document Shredding for Your Business. It is important to take steps to protect your business and customers from data breaches. One way to do this is by shredding documents containing sensitive personal or business information. Do you know how often people dispose of their sensitive documents in the regular garbage can? It happens more than you think.

Why is secure document shredding important?

Shredding has become a popular method for disposing of sensitive documents because it is the most secure form of disposal. The paper is cut into small pieces, rendering any text or images unreadable and cross cutting prevents it from being put back together. This means that the information on your documents will never fall into the wrong hands.

Another reason why secure document shredding is important? There are various state and federal laws that require companies to securely dispose of certain kinds of records, which could potentially include your company’s documents. For example, many states have passed legislation requiring companies to securely destroy medical records before disposing of them.

What are some of the top risks for businesses?

When it comes to the risk of identity theft, there are many potential risks that could affect your business. One of the most common is a customer who has their identity stolen after they purchase products or services from you. Did the breach come from your company? How can you prove you properly handled the customers sensitive information?

This can be mitigated by proactive measures such as having a shredding policy in place and ensuring all employees are trained on shredding procedures and policies. Having a professional shredding service that shreds documents containing sensitive information, like credit cards, social security numbers and birth dates, before they can be accessed by someone with malicious intent is another layer of protection. After a professional shredding service destroys your products or documents you will receive a certificate of destruction to prove you properly handled and destroyed sensitive information.

Another risk to consider is employees accessing company files and records through unauthorized means. This includes both physical and online access to company files and records.

Sensitive information needs to be kept locked and secured whether electronic data or physical data, it needs to prevent unauthorized access and keep records of who accessed what data, for what reason, date and time stamped, and whether the data was copied and or returned.

What are the benefits of shredding your documents?

What are some benefits of securely shredding your documents? One example is that it ensures confidentiality of all employee and customer data stored on company records. This can be extremely beneficial for companies with employees who have access to all kinds of sensitive information – including customers’ names and addresses, credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers (SSN) and much more.

Another benefit is that it reduces paper waste which requires less time spent on environmental sustainability initiatives like recycling. When you use a professional shredding service, your shreds will be recycled.


When it comes to document shredding, the most secure way to get it done, is to choose to hire a professional shredding service to do it for them. The best thing you can do is make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to secure your documents. The benefits of shredding your documents are numerous; one of the most important benefits is that it helps protect you against regulatory compliance violations. Contact Healthcare Waste Management Today For a Free Quote!

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