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Secure Information Disposal

October 23, 2020

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Secure Information Disposal

Secure Information Disposal. How to make sure your organization securely disposes of personal information and is in compliance with document destruction laws:

Medical practices, healthcare facilities, and large organizations have an incredible volume of sensitive and proprietary information. While some of this data is on electronic format, there is still quite a lot that remains as paper documents as well as technology devices that have reached end-of-life. To ensure that this information is secure, it’s critical to have an information destruction service that can make sure that all is destroyed.

Beyond the desire of destroying personal information, there are a number of laws that require the destruction. The National Conference of State Legislatures have indicated that 32 states have created laws that require entities to destroy personal information so that it is “unreadable or undecipherable,” (NCSL). In addition, FACTA (the Fair Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003) is a federal law that was enacted to reduce the risk of identity theft that could occur due to improper disposal of consumer documentation.

The Federal Trade Commission created the mandate known as the “Red Flags Rule” that requires  the reporting of any suspicious activity that could result in identity theft. Additional information on this regulation can be found at: http://www.ftcgov/

Complying with the Laws

Any organization that does not comply with the laws set in place can face penalties and legal actions, both of which could potentially destroy a business. Healthcare Waste Management takes compliance very seriously and can assist your organization with consultations, information, updates, and arranging pickup of both your secure documentation and medical waste in one pickup. Coordinating this effort will keep your company compliant while also being cost-effective.

Secure Information Disposal – Steps for Compliance

Our extensive line of services now includes high quality cabinets as well as secure documentation destruction at one low price. Our professional staff will handle the destruction of your documentation with the same security and safety that you have come to expect from Healthcare Waste Management.

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