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Secure Shredding Services

July 1, 2021

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Secure Shredding Services

Secure Shredding Services HIPAA compliant document shredding is a smart choice for companies and individuals working with sensitive personal information. This type of security is best for healthcare businesses and offers great benefits.

What is HIPAA Compliant Shredding?

Healthcare Waste Management offers shredding of sensitive information to keep it secure. This type of service protects sensitive information to ensure it is secured, shredded, processed, and disposed of securely. We provide a highly secure facility to destroy sensitive information. A lot of healthcare facilities work closely with HWM Shredding, one of the premier document shredding companies in the Midwest. A secure business goes beyond the obvious, as sensitive information needs to be treated in the same manner as any data the company or employee handles. Organizations with data breaches are seen as liabilities rather than assets. HWM’s high-security facility allows clients from the Healthcare sector to keep their data safe.

Why is it Important to Shred my Data?

Shredding personal and sensitive data means a great deal of security for everyone. The destruction of the paper forms makes it impossible for a hacker to gain access to private information such as Social Security Numbers, addresses, bank details, credit card information, birth dates and phone numbers.

How is the Process of Shredding Secure?

Shredding helps secure your data by destroying all copies, reducing the chances of leaks. Paper shredding ensures that all sensitive information is shredded, making it impossible to reverse engineer the information. A shredder console is a cabinet or bin placed within your facility with special locks, this is where you will place sensitive information in a securely locked cabinet until our team comes and picks up the data for destruction.

Why Can’t I Just Delete my Data?

Many businesses consider old paper files unnecessary as many of them are no longer used, outdated or have already been permanently removed. In light of paper files there are electronic file and the simple truth is that deleting information from a computer can still cause significant damage to your organization. In fact, 80% of information can be recovered from an individual deleted file by just using a software to make the process quicker and easier. The damage an average person can do just by having your old hard drive is surprising. If these kinds of drives were destroyed by a shredding service, it would reduce your risk significantly. The problem is not deleting your data, but rather not taking the necessary measures to make sure it does not fall into the wrong hands.

The Benefits of HIPAA Compliant Shredding

Regularly shredding confidential documents is a smart choice to protect your organization and keep your clients, business partners, vendors, and employees safe. Shredding documents with sensitive information on them is the best way to keep your information safe. By hiring a professional shredding service to destroy all your documents, hard drives, and even products you will have proof in the form of a Certificate of Destruction that the items in fact have been destroyed. This way, your company does not risk fines. A high quality shredding service is the best solution and one of the best ways to secure sensitive documents. Using a regular scheduled shredding service will help protect you, your company, your clients, and employees.


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