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Should My Business Hire a Shredding Service?

Should My Business Hire a Shredding Service?

Companies of all sizes are faced with a constant deluge of paper and documents. Even in this age of digitization, we still rely on paper copies that often contain confidential information. In some cases, these documents may be placed in holding areas for employees to shred, but in many situations they are simply left on a desk or near a shredder. Relying on employees to shred priority information may not be the wisest choice, especially if the information is proprietary.  To remove all stress of documents falling into the wrong hands or simply not getting destroyed in a timely manner, your business should make use of a shredding service that will guarantee destruction.

Ensuring Security

Some of the cyber security companies report that a high percentage of information theft is derived from internal sources. Sensitive documents that are left unattended can lead to identity theft or allow everything from client and business information to end up being sold. Since protecting all forms of documentation is part of doing business today, hiring a professional shredding service such as Healthcare Waste Management will guarantee security. A shredding service also sends the right message to customers by letting them know that their information is safe with your company.

Complying with the Laws

There are a variety of laws that dictate standards for a business to comply with to assure that personal and private information is maintained in a secure manner and is destroyed according to specific standards. Depending upon the type of business, there may be multiple layers of state and federal compliance to assure that information is secure. In many cases the guidelines require proof of destruction and that simply isn’t possible when you use an office shredder. Using a shredding service gives a business the required documentation of destruction that can protect an organization in the case of a lawsuit or audit. A professional shredding service such as Healthcare Waste Management uses high tech methods to shred documents so that they are unidentifiable and supplies clients with proof of destruction for their peace of mind.

Cost Effective

A company may think that they are saving money by having staff members use internal shredders, however, this is almost always not the case. Besides paying for the employee’s time, there is the potential that proprietary documents have been left unsecure until the staff member had the time to shred them. Then you have to add the problem of shredders overheating or breaking down and then getting them fixed or replaced. A wiser choice would be to have an employee devoting their time to an activity that would be more efficient as well as not having to worry about constantly repairing or replacing the shredders. A professional shredding service such as Healthcare Waste Management will supply secure containers to hold the documents, coordinate the best schedule to pick them up and then ensure that all paper is shredded.  A business can coordinate based on their unique needs and requirements, allowing a staff member to be working smarter for the company.

Green Footprint

A professional shredding service such as Healthcare Waste Management makes use of the shredded materials by coordinating with recycling companies for reuse. This enhances the green footprint of a business and can be an attractive benefit that appeals to their customers.

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