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Shredding Services, Did You Know?

December 10, 2020

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Did You Know HWM and SHREDDRS Brings Highest Level of Security?

Shredding Services, Did You Know? The team at SHREDDRS has elevated the concept of document shredding. The first step that is taken is to have their own drivers arrive at a client location so that they can establish large document carts or secure locking cabinets for safe document storage. The next step will be to coordinate a convenient schedule for the year where their drivers will arrive in their own trucks to pick up the storage containers and remove them for transport to their own treatment facility. Once the paper/documents are pickup up, they assume all responsibility and guarantee that they are secure until they are destroyed.

Healthcare Waste Management and SHREDDRS knows that we are in unusual times and that both document volumes and pickup schedules may need to be adjusted. Professional representatives will coordinate, whether your business needs the changes that are convenient for your business.

Not all criminals use digital hacking to commit their crimes. Some continue to use old-school document access, and they have had a lot of success gleaning personal information and proprietary data that can be sold on the dark web. Protecting against both cyber and in-person crime has become part of the cost of doing business in today’s world and when it comes to documents in the healthcare vertical, making use of a qualified organization that specializes in your industry and has an experienced shredding service is an absolute must.

Did You Know What Criminals Look For in Documents?

There are a few things that criminals keep a look out for when it comes to paper documents. The first is obvious: un-shredded paper in trash or recycling. While most businesses are somewhat aware of this, there are many that try to do in-house shredding with the use of a strip-cut shredders. This brings us to the second thing that criminals look for when trying to steal proprietary information: paper strips that can be matched up to re-create the original document. The third thing that criminals watch out for is an unsecured area within a company that is easily accessed. Think of all of the types that a business throws away: bank statements, tax documents, product information, client or patient data, invoices, partnership information. In the wrong hands, this can not only cost a company their business, but they can receive high fines for allowing a breach that resulted in exposure of data.

Fighting Back with Professional Shredding Services

When it comes to a professional shredding service, the focus is all about knowledge, methods, and trust. Healthcare Waste Management not only specializes in medical waste management, but also makes use of SHREDDRS for document shredding services. As one of the most trusted, SHREDDRS understands the high-level requirements to ensure that documents are destroyed to such a degree so that the information contained could never be accessed. Their state-of-the-art shredding technology is called “piece and tear” shredding, which creates a series of unique pieces so that no two are the same.

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