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Shredding Services

October 15, 2021

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Shredding Services

Shredding Services. FTC Received 2.2 Million Fraud Reports from Consumers in 2020 and consumers reported losing more than $3.3 billion to fraud in 2020, up from $1.8 billion in 2019. Nearly $1.2 billion of losses reported last year were due to imposter scams. Fraud has cost consumers $3.5 billion in losses. Account takeovers have increased 72% with 40 percent of the fraudulent activity taking place within a day of the initial takeover. A document and product destruction service like ours can help protect your business, your customers, and your employees.

While there are a lot of reasons to use shredding services to protect client/customer information, there should also be a focus on protecting company proprietary data. Stolen information about your business could lead to ruin. Breaches cost companies $445 billion in 2019 and protecting internal information has become part of doing business.

There are several state and federal laws with compliance requirements for sensitive information as well as proof of destruction. Whether a company has paper documents and/or digital that has reached end-of-life, take the stress, and worry away by contracting with a licensed, trained, and certified organization such as Healthcare Waste Management to ensure that all data sources are destroyed.

One-Time Purge Shredding

Shredding Services. Under some circumstances, a company may require a one-time purge. This can occur in a situation where there has been a buildup of documents and a decision was made for shredding due to expense of storing them, the relocation of a business, or the documents have reached their end-of-life cycle. One-time purge shredding can take care of the paper or digital destruction when a company needs them and is typically scheduled on average around one time per year. It is especially helpful when a company is using an offsite storage area for documents. Not only is this costly, but it increases the chance of access by potentially unscrupulous individuals for theft. The advantages of a one-time purge are that it reinforces better document management, offers improved security, and helps to reduce human error.

A phone call to our professional staff to discuss your paper/digital volume and type and we can coordinate the best date/time for pickup and shredding. Our licensed and certified drivers will arrive and pickup the specified items. We use high tech shredders that reduce everything so that it is unrecognizable. Healthcare Waste Management supplies our clients with a certification of destruction which is a requirement for some businesses and is useful for audits and legal inquiries.

All drivers and staff are employed by Healthcare Waste Management and we own and operate all our trucks and destruction facilities. We believe in transparency, so there are never any middlemen or hidden charges.

Allow Healthcare Waste Management to eliminate the anxiety of overflowing documents with a one-time shredding purge. Contact our professional staff to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

Recurring Shredding Services

Almost every business finds itself swimming in documents and paperwork that requires filing and storage. Even the best organizations can slip when it comes to some confidential information for either the company or the clients. The overwhelming volume of paper can lead to accidental breaches, leaks, and even theft. Instead of worrying about potential compliance problems, a company should be focused on the daily business at hand. Using recurring shredding services is also another added reason for customers to feel confident in doing business with you because they know their information will be safe.

The best method to ensure that the paperwork does not fall into the wrong hands is to coordinate recurring shredding services. Reliable and licensed companies such as Healthcare Waste Management will work with your organization to arrange security containers that are picked up at your convenience. Our trained drivers will arrive at the agreed upon day and time and, using high tech shredders, will reduce all documents so that they are illegible and could never be used for any illicit purpose. Recurring shredding services are another step to compliance with state and federal laws and we supply a certificate of destruction as part of our agreement with you.

We invite you to contact one of our professional counselors to discuss your unique needs. Healthcare Waste Management will work with your organization with flexible pickup times and dates for our drivers to arrive in Healthcare Waste Management trucks. We bring a transparent, cost-effective solution to the concern regarding proprietary and sensitive document shredding that never includes any hidden fees or charges.

Hard Drive Destruction Services

As a society we depend upon the digital information that is stored and maintained on computer hard drives. We devote entire IT departments to making sure that the data is safe and accessed by only those that are given proper credentials. This information is the lifeblood of most companies and yet there does come a time when the technology is outdated and has reached end-of-life or that a business makes the decision to upgrade to more efficient and improved devices and networks. When that time arrives, many organizations are at a loss as to what to do with the old technologies and this is when they turn to professional companies such as Healthcare Waste Management for hard drive destruction services.

Leaving information on a hard drive, even when a company “thinks” they have deleted it is an open invitation for hackers. The only true method to ensure that proprietary and confidential data cannot be accessed is total hard drive destruction. This process requires specialized equipment that pulverizes the devices so that they cannot be accessed under any circumstances.

Our trained and certified drivers maintain ultimate security in picking up and transporting all hard drives. They are employed by Healthcare Waste Management, arrive in our trucks, and take the technologies to our company-owned destruction facilities. Our professional staff can consult with you to arrange the best day/time for pickup and supply a certificate of destruction for proof of compliance or in case of legal inquiries. Contact us to talk about the many ways that Healthcare Waste Management can help to maintain safety and security for your organizations data.

Product Destruction

At some point almost every business faces the challenge of being required to get rid of products that for one reason or another, cannot or should not be taken to landfills. For many, they are trying to achieve an ecological balance and need to take advantage of a product destruction company. For others, they may have equipment or products that involve dangerous elements that could be harmful to people or the environment and they must coordinate product destruction that complies with state and federal laws. Whether dealing with old, outdated, or hazardous items, no matter what the size or volume, businesses will need to coordinate product destruction with a professional, licensed, and accredited company such as Healthcare Waste Management.

Our knowledgeable staff will consult with you to discuss your product destruction needs, explaining each step of the process from pickup to ultimate destruction. Our company-owned trucks will arrive at an agreed upon day/time at the specified location and our drivers that are employed by Healthcare Waste Management will transport the load to our company-owned destruction facilities. We are always in compliance with all laws that dictate product destruction requirements and supply a certificate of destruction to our clients as proof.

We encourage you to contact us so that we can take the confusion and concern out of the question of how to properly get rid of the products that you have. We bring transparent agreements that are both cost-effective and never involve any middlemen. Our services are entirely encapsulated in-house, and we can bring peace of mind to what can often be a topic of worry.

E-Waste Recycling

E-waste recycling has become the next level in environmental awareness. With the continual increase of upgraded and new technologies, it makes sense to take those that are out of date or being transitioned to a condition where their parts can be reused or recycled in a sustainable way. Today’s technologies contain a variety of valuable parts that are both complex and expensive. E-waste recycling disassembles and removes anything that can be used or refurbished to create another product. The process involved in e-waste recycling is complex and requires the services of a knowledgeable and professional company such as Healthcare Waste Disposal.

One of the benefits of e-waste recycling is that it helps to eliminate hazardous waste from technologies, including carcinogens and heavy metals from entering landfills, the atmosphere, or our waterways. As part of environmentally friendly efforts e-waste recycling also helps to comply with many of the worlds sustainable recycling laws.

There is often confusion in the methods required for complete disposal of technologies. While destruction is needed, there are valuable parts that can be retained and reused. A Healthcare Waste Management consultant can talk with your company and discuss your e-waste recycling goals. We will walk you through each step of the process to ensure that you know any information or data contained on the devices will be destroyed so that it cannot be accessed while pulling out the many pieces that can contribute to an improved carbon footprint for your organization.

All our vehicles and destruction facilities are company-owned, and every employee is part of our company staff. We will review the cost-savings transparent agreements that are clear and concise and coordinate the best day/time to schedule a pickup at your location. As a professional waste company, we will share the knowledge of compliancy laws and supply your company with a certificate of destruction.

Contact us so that we can discuss how we can help with your company’s interest in e-waste recycling.

Electronics Destruction Service

The landscape of business today involves an incredible amount of electronics. Whether a company is large or small they find that they have several devices that hold proprietary and confidential information. Inevitably the time comes to upgrade, update, or just get rid of devices that are no longer needed. The problem that company’s face with many state and federal compliance laws requires that they use an electronics destruction service such as Healthcare Waste Management.

Data thieves know that too many businesses are naïve about the proper methods of getting rid of electronics. In the past they accessed technologies that were donated or simply when the company thought they had “erased” the information. In other cases, a business was not aware that certain devices had memory cards and in giving them away they opened the door to breaches and leaks which resulted in lawsuits.

Healthcare Waste Management is knowledgeable on all state and federal compliance laws and we will consult with your organization to discuss your needs. We advise our clients on the various devices that may contain critical data and could place them at risk if they are not properly destroyed. The cost of making a mistake by not using an electronics destruction service can result in fines, legal ramifications, and potentially put a company out of business. As an electronics destruction service we assure our clients that their devices will be securely removed and taken to our company-owned destruction facilities.

Our licensed and trained drivers will arrive at a scheduled time that you have approved, securely collect the designated electronics and transport them to our facilities for complete destruction. We are happy to work with your IT Department and share additional guidelines and requirements involved in your business type. Healthcare Waste Management supplies a certificate of destruction that our clients keep on file as proof for compliance.

Contact us so that we can address your concerns and talk about how we can help to eliminate the stress and give you peace of mind.

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