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The Importance of Document Destruction in Your Company

January 12, 2022

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The Importance of Document Destruction in Your Company

The Importance of Document Destruction in Your Company. How is your company’s document retention policy? Do you have one in place? Do you have a set time frame for how long documents should be kept? Is there a separate shredding bin securely locked in the office building where you can dispose of paperwork containing sensitive data? If you don’t have a system in place, then it may be time to consider what you need to do.

We will reveal some of the most common mistakes that can jeopardize a company’s data security and offer some tips on how to avoid them.

Why is document destruction important?

Documents can contain a lot of sensitive information that may be damaging if it falls into the wrong hands. Therefore, document destruction is just as important, as running payroll.

Shredding documents through a third-party company is one of the safest and easiest methods to ensure proper destruction and disposal because you will have the peace of mind that your documents have been completely destroyed and receive a certificate of destruction proving such.

Recycling papers may seem like an environmentally friendly option, but many companies find out the employees are placing sensitive documents in the recycling bin making it an easy target for thieves.

When you hire a professional shredding service, after the documents are destroyed and shredded, most shredding companies will recycle.

You can still be environmentally friendly, while protecting your most sensitive data, with a professional shredding service like Healthcare Waste Managements very own SHREDDRS.  

The most common mistakes in document destruction.

When it comes to sensitive information there are two common mistakes,

  1. Unauthorized access from an employee – for whatever the reason an employee snoop’s data without a valid reason or authorization.
  2. Improper placement of sensitive data, usually from an employee.

In scenario one should this information make it around the office or to the public, it could spell legal trouble for the company. From leaked customer information to an employee’s personal information unauthorized access to sensitive data is never beneficial to the company. Always secure access to sensitive data and track who accesses what information, for what reason, and when the access was terminated. Keeping accurate records could be the difference of a company being liable, to an unscrupulous employee being accountable.

In scenario two, an authorized employee receives sensitive data and throughout the course handling it, does not take steps to secure the data while in his or her possession. From going to lunch, to simply walking away from one’s desk for a few minutes while the sensitive data is openly displayed can cause breaches in sensitive data.

Along with hiring a professional shredding service, a company should have and provide training on how to access, handle, store, and when to shred sensitive information. Having a policy in place that all employees are aware of and trained in will help keep your company’s sensitive information secure.

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We are a team of experts dedicated to helping you reduce waste, risk, and cost through secure document destruction. According to the State of the Industry report, paper remains a core component of office life, and there are still printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines and other devices in offices that increase breach risk. SHREDDRS is committed to keeping you, your clients, and your staff safe and secure from identity theft and cyber security breaches. We use state of the art technology and ensure that your information is 100% safe and secure from the time it is picked up from your office.

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