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What is Commercial Document Destruction?

May 19, 2021

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What is Commercial Document Destruction?

In today’s security-focused world every business must include each area that a potential perpetrator will look to steal valuable information. Documents continue to be a main method of communication and for record storage. There are state and federal laws dictating the demands to maintain customer/patient documents in secure areas, however, there are also other documents such as company proprietary data that can be valuable to criminals. Depending on the industry, there could be a requirement for certification of document destruction and using a commercial document destruction company such as Healthcare Waste Management complies with laws, offers complete security, and supplies certificates that may be needed for proof.

Document Types that Need to be Shredded

Some documents are required by law to be maintained for specific time periods. Once they are at end-of-life they need to be destroyed. The documents can become cumbersome, taking up large amounts of space on or off site for storage and in maintaining required security protocols. Companies may find themselves in need of a commercial document destruction service when they are in other situations such as relocating/moving, changing their branding, or merging with another company.  Important documents that will need to be destroyed using a commercial destruction company can include but are not limited to:

High Tech Shredding and Cost-Effective Savings

In the past, companies would often use in-house single strip shredders and have employees devote hours to shredding business documents. These types of shredders allowed criminals to reassemble valuable documents and steal important information. In addition, in-house shredding was not cost-effective as employees had to devote hours to shredding and the company had the high cost of maintaining and/or replacing the shredders. It is estimated that trying to shred documents on your own can cost a business hundreds of dollars a month and lost employee time that they could have been focused on other company work. The other downside to trying to do D.I.Y. shredding is that there is no proof or certification of destruction which may be required during legal situations or to comply with state/federal laws.

Healthcare Waste Management maintains the highest security supplying locked cabinets for the documents that are picked up and taken to a shredding facility that uses the “piece and tear” shredding process so that no pieces are the same and they cannot be reassembled.

Flexible Scheduled Pickups and Recycling

A professional and reliable commercial document destruction company such as Healthcare Waste Management works with clients to accommodate their ever-changing needs. A team member will evaluate the unique challenges that a customer has, coordinate to supply lockable cabinets to hold documents without requiring the removal of paperclips or folders, and then establish the most convenient day/time for the experienced drivers to pickup the containers for disposal.

The best commercial document destruction companies such as Healthcare Waste Management place a high priority on the reduction of everyone’s carbon footprint and partner with organizations for paper recycling/reuse in an effort to help the environment.

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