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What Is Secure Document Destruction?

February 23, 2022

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What Is Secure Document Destruction?

What Is Secure Document Destruction? Companies are regularly faced with the dilemma of how to dispose of sensitive documents. Documents such as company financials, medical records, and payroll records need to be destroyed in order to keep them out of the wrong hands. So, what is secure document destruction? It’s a process that keeps your documents safe while also keeping you in compliance with state laws.

The right secure document destruction process can protect your company from lawsuits and fines. Here are some things you should know about this process and what it can do for your company.

The importance of document destruction.

The importance of document destruction can’t be overstated. It’s more than just a way to get rid of outdated documents; it’s a necessity for any organization that deals with sensitive information. The process ensures that your business is in compliance with federal and state regulations, which can save you in the long run. If you handle sensitive information, it’s important to make sure your company uses the right secure document destruction process.

What is secure document destruction?

Secure document destruction is the process of disposing of documents to keep them from being accessed by anyone. Documents such as payroll records, medical records, and financial records need to be destroyed for many reasons, including legal reasons.

A secure document destruction process is not an in-office shredder, this does not provide your company with protection in case of a data breach, for many reasons but the main one is you will not receive a certificate of destruction from a professional shredding service, proving compliance. 

Secure document destruction starts with securely storing documents prior to the shredding service being performed. This is done by a locked security console being placed in the office, these look just like a piece of office furniture, but they are securely holding the documents to be destroyed in a locked compartment, the shredding company only will have the key to this console. In an industrial setting the same holds true, however, the bins may resemble something closer to a garbage can than a piece of office furniture, in any case the documents are securely locked away until the shredding can be performed.

The next step is a chain of custody, this helps protect your company and identifies the journey any specific document takes, in the case of HIPAA or financial information you will want to make sure your company knows exactly the steps that were taken in the process of destruction.

Last, comes the certificate of destruction, when the information has been destroyed you will receive proof that the documents are no longer in a recognizable form. Providing Proof of Compliance.  


Proper document destruction is an important part of any organization’s security plan. By using the right service, you can protect your company’s sensitive information and ensure that any paper documents are disposed of securely.

Here at Healthcare Waste Management, we provide the right tools, the right service, and the right expertise for any company’s document destruction needs. Contact us today for all your shredding needs.


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