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Why your company Should be on a Recurring Shred Schedule

October 15, 2021

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Why your company Should be on a Recurring Shred Schedule

Why your company Should be on a Recurring Shred Schedule. Companies are focused on the daily challenges of keeping their organizations operating successfully. This often means that some situations may occur that might seem of lesser priority but when left without attention, could cascade into problems that can all but destroy a company. In the last number of years, proper destruction of company documents has become a major issue and one that requires both professional methods and regular schedules to avoid allowing the documents to fall into the hands of criminals.

A business has a variety of document types, from HR employee records to client data, and proprietary company information. The critical data that is found in this type of paperwork could be used for criminal purposes, including identity theft and company espionage. Criminals that use stolen documents profit by openly selling on the dark net. This information needs to be carefully guarded and when no longer required needs to be shredded so that no one has access.

Complete Shredding

There have been many television and movie shows that included scenes of people painstakingly pulling single shredded documents and taping them together. This isn’t out of reality, as some criminals will go to extreme lengths to gain access to important data. This type of shredding is typically done when a company chooses to shred documents internally. However, when a professional shredding company picks up company papers they make use of multi-cut and/or micro-cut shredding that reduces the paper to tiny pieces that no criminal could make any use of the remains.  

Complying with Laws

Professional shredding companies establish a schedule for pickup, destruction, and certification so that a business can be assured that all documents have been completely destroyed and comply with state and/or federal privacy laws.  This is particularly important for those businesses in the healthcare realm that must comply with HIPAA privacy laws for patient data. While encryption may protect electronic information, once they are printed, they become a method that requires security storage and ultimate total destruction.

Pickup Schedules that Meet the Needs of a Business

Professional shredding companies coordinate with a business so that the recurring pickup times are scheduled around their convenience. They understand that there are often changes in business needs and are also very flexible at altering a pickup schedule. Other benefits from a professional shredding company can include:

Peace of Mind

Having priority documents that are stored in-house can lead to an overabundance of paperwork that continues to pile up. This condition causes storage capacity problems, allowing confusion in the case of actually having a need to locate certain documents. A regularly scheduled pickup of documents for shredding allows for better organization of documents that must remain, keeps everything accessible, and gives peace of mind that those documents that are no longer needed are picked up by a professional company and shredded so that they are no longer viable for use.

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