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Sharps Container Disposal

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Sharps Container Disposal

Sharps containers are made from a puncture resistant plastic that keep needles and other sharp instruments like lancets or anything with sharp edges that can puncture the skin in a safe place until they can be disposed of properly in our treatment plants.

“Proper use and packaging help reduce the risk of accidental exposure”

The sharps containers are made where the sharp object is placed in an upper level of the container where it limits exposure to the items already in the sharp’s container.

Once placed in the upper section of the container (on most sharps containers) you simply roll the lever or lid where it drops the sharp object down into the sharp’s container. This is an important feature that completely removes the need for you to put your hands anywhere near other contaminated items already in the sharps container.

It is important not to overfill these containers, doing so reduces the amount of protection provided by the container itself. Never use your hand or an instrument to push items down in the sharps container. Once it is full by normal use, it is full and should be replaced with a new sharps’ container.

Sharps containers have a specially designed lid that allows sharps to be deposited in the container while preventing them from being easily removed.

Most accidental exposures come from sharps, double the amount that comes from blood and body fluid exposure. Always use best practices when handling sharps.

Healthcare Waste Management is the perfect partner to help with your sharp’s disposal needs. No customer is too big or small for us. We can help with your employee training and safe disposal of needles, sharps and containers.

We specialize in the removal of sharps waste from your hospital, medical office or private business. Our services help you reduce the waste, risk and cost when it comes to sharps disposal by working with your facility from day one to ensure appropriate containers, proper disposal and employee training.

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