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Do You Have a Sharps Container? Here’s How to Dispose of It!

March 9, 2022

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Do You Have a Sharps Container? Here’s How to Dispose of It!

Do You Have a Sharps Container? Here’s How to Dispose of It! If you use needles to inject medications, you will want to dispose of them properly. You will need an FDA cleared container.

The FDA recommends that used needles and other sharps be immediately placed in FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers. FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers are generally available through pharmacies, medical supply companies, health care providers, and online. There are different containers available for sharps disposal so consider the item that you will be disposing of before buying a container.

Home Users Tips for Staying Safe

Place all needles and other sharps in a sharps disposal container immediately after they have been used. This will reduce the risk of needle sticks, cuts, and punctures from loose sharps. Sharps disposal containers should be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Never overfill. Overfilling a sharps disposal container increases the risk of accidental needle-stick injury. When your sharps disposal container is about three-quarters (3/4) full, follow your community guidelines for getting rid of the container.

Never put your fingers into the sharps container.

If the needle has tubing attached to it, hold the needle and the tubing when you put it in the sharps container.

Sharps containers should be at eye level and within your reach.

If a needle is sticking out of the container, do not push it in with your hands. Use tongs (or something similar) to push the needle back into the container.

If you find an uncovered sharp object outside of a disposal container, it is safe to pick it up only if you can grasp the non-sharp end. If you cannot, use tongs to pick it up and dispose of it.

If your sharps involve broken glass never use your hand to pick it up, always use a device like a broom and pan to avoid being accidently cut.

Home Users and the Disposal of Sharps Containers

Drop off collection sites, such as local doctors’ offices, hospitals, health clinics, pharmacies, health departments, community organizations, police and fire stations are possible collection sites that will take your home sharps containers. You can also call your local garbage collection company and see if they offer any solutions.

About Healthcare Waste Management

Healthcare Waste Management does not pick up sharps containers from residential addresses, however we may have a mail back solution that will fit your needs.

We offer our clients a wide selection of single use and reusable medical waste containers and have specialty sharps containers that include roll top lids that separate the sharp ends and help to keep staff safe. We offer consultations with our customers to evaluate and recommend the best locations for sharps containers in-house and storage locations when they are ready for Sharps Container Disposal. We have added new lines of rolling and stackable containers as part of our innovation efforts.

One of the ways that we encourage improvement is to always be looking for the safest and most innovative products for our clients.  Our concern for the environment has allowed HWM to be one of the top medical waste disposal companies involved in many ecological endeavors.

HWM takes pride in having clients in ten states. We invest in our company, our staff, our trucks, and our disposal facilities so that our customers know that the services they receive are directly from Health Waste Management.


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