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How Safer Needle Devices Help

October 15, 2021

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How Safer Needle Devices Help

How Safer Needle Devices Help. With the growing advances in science and medicine the world also experienced an increase in the needles that delivered many of the treatments. This left around 5.6 million healthcare workers at risk for needlestick injuries that could expose them to bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis B & C, HIV and others. Data has shown that those involved as nurses have the highest injury rate for needlesticks and that operating rooms and patient rooms were the locations that had the highest volume of needlestick injuries. Research has shown that most needlestick injuries are as a result from unsafe needle devices and not healthcare worker carelessness. Technology advances addressed this problem with the development of safer needle devices. A CDC (Center for Disease Control) report in March 2000 indicated that around 62-88% of sharps injuries within hospital facilities could be prevented through the use of medical devices that were safer.

What Are Safer Needle Devices

There are a few designs for safer needle devices. Each one is a technology that an employer can select for use within their healthcare environment to assist in the reduction of needlestick injuries. These safety devices have some characteristics that are desirable and include:

Points of Order for safety needle device technology include:

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

The FDA is the government organization that holds responsibility for reviewing and clearing the use of medical devices for the U.S. market. The FDA recommendations for safer needles include devices that have specific safety features:

Types of Safety Needle Devices:

Selection of the specific type of safety needle device is based on the location, facility, budget, and needs of the healthcare environment. A few of the choices of safety needle devices include:

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