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Safe Disposal of Sharps

April 29, 2021

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Safe Disposal of Sharps

Safe Disposal of Sharps. Accidents involving sharps can cause the transmission of bloodborne pathogens that can be devastating. Safe handling and disposal of sharps is critical to ensure the protection of people and the environment.

Initial Best Practices

Disposal Best Practices

Proper sharps disposal is based on the local and state guidelines. Healthcare facilities make use of a licensed and certified waste management disposal company such as Healthcare Waste Management to ensure careful pickup and compliance with the laws to ensure that the sharps are no longer infectious and dangerous.  Residential or home sharps containers can be disposed of using a few options and these are also dependent upon the local and state laws:

Any business that generates sharps should always use the professional services of a professional waste disposal service such as Healthcare Waste Management.  HWM is knowledgeable of all state and federal laws and guidelines that govern compliance, can coordinate a convenient pick-up schedule, and supplies a certificate of destruction to customers.

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