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Sharps Container Disposal Process

June 10, 2021

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Sharps Container Disposal Process

Sharps Container Disposal is an integral part of making a sanitary, medical environment for patients and staff. When utilized properly, sharps containers are effective and safe. Properly disposed of sharps containers can be a lifesaver for those in the medical field. When effectively use, sharps containers should be an everyday staple in virtually every health care setting.

As any experienced sharps disposal service provider will tell you, keeping patients safe is one of the biggest priorities in any business. It is critical that medical waste management is properly handled to prevent the transfer of disease. This includes all medical waste from the hospital or treatment center to the proper place for disposal. A good example of a medical waste management organization would be Healthcare Waste Management, we specialize in medical waste, sharps, and biohazard waste disposal services.

It is crucial that Sharps containers are disposed of in the right way. If improper disposal occurs, the medical waste can contaminate other items and surroundings, which could become a reservoir of biohazards and germs. In addition, improperly disposed medical waste can make someone extremely sick. For example, sharps contaminated blood can spread quickly and easily to another patient or staff, potentially causing a deadly situation. It is vital that sharps containers and other biohazard containers that may contain medical waste are properly disposed of. After all, there could be life-threatening issues lurking underneath those red containers or boxes.

Sharps Container Disposal complies with the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All Sharps Container Disposal products are required to be registered by the FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers before being sold. So, whether purchased locally or online, healthcare facilities must ensure that they comply with the FDA regulations. Even if purchased in bulk amounts, FDA-cleared sharps container disposal containers cannot exceed 20 pounds.

Sharps Disposal containers can be broken down into several types. Two of the most popular types are the plastic and the stainless steel. Sharps disposal containers that are manufactured out of plastic generally come in easy-to-use snap-on/ snap-off styles. In contrast, Sharps Disposal containers made from Stainless steel can require some tools or keys to open and close. However, they are far more difficult to break into and hence require more effort to use. Plastic Sharps containers can also be purchased in bulk amounts.

In case you are wondering about the difference between Sharps Needle Disposal and sharps disposal, sharps are referred to as any sharp object that can puncture the skin, lancets, glass, etc. Sharps needle is specific to needles. They both require the same amount of care and training before handling to avoid any accidental sticks. Needle sticks are one of the most common type of injuries in a healthcare setting. If you have any questions concerning medical waste, biohazard waste, or sharps container disposal, contact Healthcare Waste Management today. We are always happy to help in any way we can. 

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