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Sharps Waste Management: Protecting the Environment and Your Employees

November 3, 2021

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Sharps Waste Management: Protecting the Environment and Your Employees

Sharps Waste Management: Protecting the Environment and Your Employees. The American Nurses Association reports that between 600,000 and 800,000 needlestick and other percutaneous injuries occur annually to health care workers. Healthcare facilities and home health-care agencies are especially vulnerable to sharp waste because needles and other sharps pose a serious threat to employees and patients. That’s why we offer sharps waste management services for healthcare facilities and any business that generates sharps medical waste.

We offer protection from the high risk of injury associated with these medical devices by providing safe and easy to use sharps containers and proper training. We also offer environmental solutions such as shredding, recycling programs, and compliance training programs. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools and services you need to run safe sharps disposal program.

Sharps Defined

Sharps are defined as any item used that could pierce the skin that can potentially transmit bloodborne pathogens such as viruses and bacteria that can cause deadly diseases. Although most think of hypodermic needles when they think of sharps, they can include a variety of things including lancets, knives, scalpels, and broken glass or plastic. Ensuring that these sharps are handled, stored, and disposed of properly is a high priority to keep accidents from happening.

About Healthcare Waste Management

Healthcare Waste Management assists with employee training so that your organization is compliant with OSHA, EPA, DOT, and other local and state government agencies, and we supply medical waste containers, including sharps containers, that fit a potentially changing volume.

We offer our clients a wide selection of single use and reusable medical waste containers and have specialty sharps containers that include roll top lids that separate the sharp ends and help to keep staff safe. We offer consultations with our customers to evaluate and recommend the best locations for sharps containers in-house and storage locations when they are ready for Sharps Container Disposal. We have added new lines of rolling and stackable containers as part of our innovation efforts.

One of the ways that we encourage improvement is to always be looking for the safest and most innovative products for our clients.  Our concern for the environment has allowed Healthcare Waste Management to be one of the top medical waste disposal companies involved in many ecological endeavors.

Healthcare Waste Management takes pride in having thousands of clients in the Midwest. We invest in our company, our staff, our trucks, and our disposal facilities so that our customers know that the services they receive are directly from Health Waste Management. Our policy is to remain flexible and to supply the best service and containers that will help to keep everyone safe. Reducing Waste, Risk, and Cost.

To see how Healthcare Waste Management can help your facility or company today, give us a call. Our friendly staff loves taking care of our customers and potential customers alike, we are here to help and answer any questions you may have. You Can Reach Us at 888-427-5797

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