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Tips for Disposing of Sharps Containers

December 28, 2021

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Tips for Disposing of Sharps Containers

Tips for Disposing of Sharps Containers, What to Know Regarding Infectious Waste Disposal.

Tips for Disposing of Sharps Containers. Infectious waste disposal is important to protect healthcare workers, patients, the public, and the environment. Sharps containers are used to dispose of needles and other sharp objects safely. Improper disposal can lead to injury and illness, so it’s important to follow these tips for sharps disposal.

There are some things you should know when disposing of your sharps:

Proper Disposal of Sharps Waste

Make sure the disposal container is an FDA cleared sharps container made for disposing of sharp objects. Replace containers when they hit the full line marked on the container or if no line is present when they are two-thirds full.

When disposing of sharps remember to follow these best practices

Remember needle sticks are among the most reported injuries for healthcare workers and preventable. When working with sharps, it is best to take a moment to slow down and be aware of your surroundings, follow best practices and keep yourself safe.

Here at Healthcare Waste Management, we provide sharp container disposal services to large and small medical waste generators alike.

We offer our clients a wide selection of single use and reusable medical waste containers and have specialty sharps containers that include roll top lids that separate the sharp ends and help to keep staff safe. We offer consultations with our customers to evaluate and recommend the best locations for sharps containers in-house and storage locations when they are ready for Sharps Container Disposal. We have added new lines of rolling and stackable containers as part of our innovation efforts.

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