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What You Need To Know About Sharps Container Disposal

June 17, 2021

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What You Need To Know About Sharps Container Disposal

There are millions of sharps accidents that occur around the world each year causing the potential transmission of deadly diseases from bloodborne pathogens. Since healthcare workers are with patients and are involved in handling sharps, they are the most at-risk group. Proper disposal of sharps not only reduces the sharps sticks but also assists in guarding against diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C in the workplace and in landfills where both people and the environment may be affected.

What are sharps?

A sharps container is a medical-grade container for the collection and safe use of needles and other medical instruments. Most often used for administrating medicine or drawing blood for testing but they can also be used in surgery and blood transfusions, sharps containers are sold to hospitals and medical facilities as disposable sharps containers for various medical procedures. The potential danger and health risk that may be caused by improper or improper use of sharps is significant. It should be noted that the majority of sharps containers have a safety mechanism that does not allow direct access to the other sharps in the container when disposing of a sharp, this is to prevent accidental needle sticks when placing a sharp in a container.

Who is at risk for sharps injuries?

What are sharps containers made of? The various types of sharps containers are made with the following materials: • plastic • metal • glass • stainless steel.

What are the risks of improperly disposing of sharps?

In general, most professionals do understand the risks involved with improper disposal of sharps. These risks include: Human contamination Blood borne pathogens can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with the sharps containers themselves. Any surface touched by a sharp can potentially contaminate a person or a surface.

How does Sharps Container Disposal work?

Sharps can be safely disposed of in all kinds of waste containers, including plastic and metal ones. However, most are made from rigid plastic, and all have to be an approved FDA-cleared sharps disposal container. Below is a quote from the FDA website.

“FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers are made from rigid plastic and come marked with a line that indicates when the container should be considered full, which means it’s time to dispose of the container. “


Proper waste disposal is essential when dealing with sharps; needlesticks are the most reported injury in a healthcare setting so by following best practice guidelines and using the right sharps container for the job, you can help increase workplace safety. Here at healthcare waste management, we provide online training for the healthcare industry including bloodborne pathogens certificates. Call Healthcare Waste Management today for all your medical waste disposal needs. We have staff ready to answer any questions you may have and can provide a hassle-free quote in just minutes.

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