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Johnson City, TN Medical Waste Disposal

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Medical Waste Disposal Johnson City

Healthcare Waste Management is a provider of medical waste disposal services, which include medical, infectious, biohazard and sharps disposal. We provide our services to single practice doctor offices, hospitals, offices, and practice groups. We also provide services to Veterinarians, nursing homes, long term care clinics, hospice care, dental offices and much more. If your facility generates medical waste, we have a solution for you.

We own the entire process of your medical waste. Our drivers come to your facility. Our trucks that haul your medical waste and our processing plants that destroy your waste. Some companies will sub-contract this work, which usually raises cost because now you have two or three companies making their money from your one bill. We pride ourselves on providing first-class service with competitive pricing or as our tag line states, “Reducing Waste, Risk & Cost”. Our treatment plants reduce waste by ecofriendly means of processing medical waste. The fact that we directly employ everyone involved in the medical waste process from pickup, transportation and disposal of your medical waste allows us to ensure proper training and safety precautions are being adhered too. We are able to reduce cost by the same means, because we employ the drivers and own the trucks this allows us to make sure the routes that the drivers take are the most efficient routes for the stops we have to make. Lastly, and probably one of the more important reasons we save on cost is because we do not have to hire another company or add another layer to your bill, when working with Healthcare Waste Management it is like working directly with the supplier.   

Whether, you are looking for medical waste disposal, shredding or product destruction services or online compliance training we have a solution for you. Call us today for a custom quote based on your facility’s needs. Large or small quantity generators we are happy to help.


Benefits of Using Healthcare Waste Management’s Johnson City, TN Medical Waste Disposal Services

As the name suggest we are a complete management team of your healthcare medical, biohazard, sharps and other wastes that is regulated. From pickup to destruction, we are the only company that handles your waste

  • We own the waste from pickup to destruction, no middleman, means no hidden cost.
  • Our state-of-the-art processing plants ensure the waste is disposed of as quickly and effectively as possible, with minimum impact to the environment.
  • With us it is our drivers, our trucks, our processing plants and our insurance. You can imagine the insurance one must have when they own their own processing plants.

Johnson City, TN About

Johnson City is a city in Washington, Carter, and Sullivan counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee, with most of the city being in Washington County. As of the 2010 census, the population of Johnson City was 63,152, and by 2018 the estimated population was 66,778, making it the ninth-largest city in the state. Johnson City is ranked the #65 “Best Small Place for Business and Careers” in the US by Forbes, and #5 in Kiplinger’s list of “The 10 Least-Expensive Cities For Living in the U.S.A.” stating the low cost of living is attributed to affordable homes and below-average utility, transportation and health-care costs.

Healthcare Waste Management

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Johnson City, TN Resources

Johnson City TN

601 E. Main Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Washington County Health Department

219 Princeton Road
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601
(423) 975-2200

Johnson City Chamber of Commerce

603 E Market St
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601
(423) 461-8000

Johnson City Fire Department

603 Bert Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Johnson City Police Department

601 East Main Street
Johnson City, Tennessee 37601

Niswonger Children’s Hospital

400 N State of Franklin Rd
Johnson City, Tennessee 37604
(423) 431-6111

Johnson City, TN Interesting Information

Johnson City is in northeastern Washington County at 36.3354, -82.3728, with smaller parts extending north into Sullivan County and east into Carter County. Johnson City shares a contiguous southeastern border with Elizabethton. Johnson City also shares a small contiguous border with Kingsport to the far north along I-26 and a slightly longer one with Bluff City to the northeast along US 11E.

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