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Modern Healthcare is quite amazing.  Considering today’s population and our constant interaction with one another, the quality of life we’ve been able to experience is unmatched to that of the rest of history.  We are a clean people, living in a clean culture.  But, how do we do it?  Have you wondered who’s responsible?  Where does the infectious waste of hospitals go?  When you get a shot, what happens to the needle?  Healthcare Waste Management wants to answer your questions and more!

At HWM, we are committed to reducing waste, risk and cost for our customers and the environment.  Our goal is not only to provide these services to our current customers, but also to create medical waste truckawareness for what we are doing, expanding our services to impact as many people and eliminate as much environmental risk as possible.

We are the largest locally owned medical waste disposal company in the Midwest, but we work with you on a personal level, ensuring the most pleasant service and efficient waste disposal that we can.  For decades, we have been bringing customers the best products and services with significant savings compared to the industry standard pricing, all while reducing our clients impact on the environment.  We provide a full array of services for the Healthcare Industry, offering medical waste, sharps waste, pharmaceutical and RCRA wastes disposal, as well as document destruction and compliance and safety.

We take pride in contributing to a healthy, non-infectious, and sustainable working space and environment.  Our hope for this blog is to promote an awareness of our industry, helping you to better understand what we do and what we stand for, as well as HWM coming to better understand you.  Please follow us to learn more about our progress and what we are doing in the medical waste industry.