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Medical waste is generated from a number of sources and each location is required to comply with local, state, and federal laws to ensure that it is rendered harmless. As a full-service medical waste disposal company, Healthcare Medical Waste complies with all guidelines so that our clients can rest assured of the safety and efficacy of their cradle-to-grave responsibilities. Our trained and certified employees assist in educating our customers, picking up the medical waste, transporting the medical waste in our company-owned trucks, and properly disposing of the medical waste in our own facilities. Healthcare Medical Waste takes care of medical waste, from start to finish.

Here are just some of the industries that we service and is not an all-inclusive list.


With an estimated 5.9 million tons of medical waste per year, hospitals generate the largest amount of medical waste in the country. The volume of medical waste places a priority on making sure that whether a local hospital or large national hospital, medical waste pickup and proper disposal sticks to deadlines to avoid potential dangers. Healthcare Medical Waste coordinates with our hospital clients for all types of waste streams including medical, chemotherapy, RCRA, pharmaceutical, and others.

Practice Groups

The rise of healthcare practice groups have been designed to reduce the stress on hospitals so that they include any number of non-urgent patient services that are more cost-effective. The environment can involve everything from standard clinical and dental to outpatient services and pharmacies. These healthcare locations generate medical waste, and depending upon the service, can cover the gamut from standard medical waste to that which is dangerous. While the volume of medical waste is typically less than in a hospital, containment, labeling, transport and destruction is just as much of a priority. Healthcare Medical Waste creates a schedule for pickup and proper disposal that works for each practice group.

Doctor’s Offices

Single practice doctor’s offices have expanded beyond the general practitioner to now include a number of specialty physician practices. Each practice can generate many types of medical waste which can include some such as sharps, chemotherapy and radiation which requires special handling and disposal methods. Healthcare Medical Waste specializes in being a full-service medical waste disposal company, with our own employees, trucks, drivers, and facilities for rendering all medical waste harmless. We work with our physician clients to educate, pickup and transport around their convenience.


Veterinarians treat animals in many ways that can expose humans to potentially contagious and dangerous pathogens. The Veterinarian offices can have a variety of bloodborne pathogens to animal body parts. It is therefore critical that even with smaller volumes, the medical waste is picked up and destroyed in a timely manner. Healthcare Medical Waste works with our Veterinarian clients as a partner to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal guidelines as well as assist in training their employees as an additional safety measure.

Dental Practices

Dentists have very similar medical waste types as a majority of other healthcare environments and are required to comply with all local, state, and federal laws and guidelines for storage, labeling, and proper disposal of medical waste. Dental practices do have one area that is unique in that they may have teeth that have been extracted that contain dental amalgam, which is mercury-based and requires special disposal. Healthcare Medical Waste ensures that our dental customers have training needed to ensure their protection and that of their patients, as well as coordinating for pickup, transport, and transition of their medical waste so that it is harmless.

Long Term Care Clinics

The term “long term care clinics” covers a number of types of environments including but not limited to: rehabilitation clinics, skilled nursing homes, senior living communities, assisted living facilities, and hospice. Many of the patients that live within these clinic care facilities have disease states that require extensive treatments that result in medical waste that can be a danger to others. All medical staff are trained to protect hazardous contamination from medical waste and the clinics are required to comply with all local, state, and federal laws. Healthcare Medical Waste understands the unique conditions for each type of clinic and works together to partner in offering safety training, proper handling, pickup, transport and ultimate safe disposal of all medical waste types.

Funeral Homes

A funeral home is involved in a number of services and processes that includes potentially dangerous and toxic substances that could transmit diseases including blood, body fluids, medications, and embalming fluids. The bodies that funeral homes receive may contain a variety of disease states and their staff is required to comply with all local, state, and federal laws. To protect staff, visitors, family members, and the environment, Healthcare Medical Waste ensures expedient pickup, transport, and complete disposal so that all medical waste from a funeral home is no longer a threat.

Research Labs

The variety of infectious contaminants and potentially dangerous biologics at a research lab runs the gamut of possibilities. Staff at research labs often work with animal, human, and plant materials that can be considered to be toxic. Research labs are required to comply with strict guidelines regarding their medical waste and Healthcare Medical Waste assists in ensuring that all waste taken from research labs are transported and disposed of so that it is rendered harmless.

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