Why Healthcare Waste Management?

At Healthcare Waste Management, our commitment to customer service and the environment is unmatched in the medical waste disposal industry.  We are motivated to do things differently than other providers—to run our business in a way that is personal, convenient, safe and dependable, while reducing waste, risk and cost for you. logo

When you choose to work with a local, family-owned company like Healthcare Waste Management, you know that we stake our reputation on the service that we deliver.  We are responsive to your needs and always there to answer your calls.  We service our own stops, meaning a consistent and familiar face, as well as the opportunity to further develop our relationship.

As a local, family-owned company, we can relate to the challenges and costs associated with operating a business.  That’s why we strongly believe in a fair pricing system.  With Healthcare Waste Management, what you see is what you get.  The quote we give you is what you pay, all fees included.  There are no hidden pickup fees.  When you receive an invoice from us, you will know exactly what you are being charged for—no guessing as to what new fees or surcharges will be added to your bill each month.

We take pride in this type of relatability with our customers, but also in the fact that we are the largest locally owned medical waste disposal company in the Midwest.  We provide service to businesses of all sizes.  Whether you are a hospital and require daily pickups, or the local dentist office needing a call-in service, we have the size to meet your facility’s needs, yet are small enough to make your experience personal and convenient.  This flexibility, along with our decades of experience, has given us a comprehensive knowledge of the medical waste disposal industry.  In dealing with medical waste, there are potential risks to employees as well as to the environment, but that’s why experience and industry know-how like ours are essential.

Our experience allows us to take the necessary steps to reduce these risks.  We realize that our containers are the only thing separating both your employees and ours from the potentially infectious waste inside them.  That is why we refuse to use anything less than the best.  Our industry-leading American made waste containers are the safest option available.  In addition to this, we have implemented a reusable sharps container system.  Our sharps replacement program not only offers an eco-friendly alternative, but also eliminates the hassle of tracking the sharps supplies in your facility.  We offer the ease of picking up your preferred size of sharps containers, as well as replacing full containers with new ones at time of service.

Our trucks, routing systems and entire mindset are based around a goal of being the most eco-friendly medical waste disposal company available.  We don’t just meet regulations, we always aim to exceed them. In fact, Healthcare Waste Management is one of the few companies in the country that is licensed and permitted by the E.P.A., I.D.E.M. and the D.O.T. to pick up, transport and treat medical waste.

Healthcare Waste Management is always looking to be a more commanding and innovative presence in the medical waste disposal industry.  Our goal is not only to provide these services to our current customers, but also to create awareness for what we are doing, expanding our services to impact as many people and eliminate as much environmental risk as possible.  Choose the local, eco-friendly option and let us reduce waste, risk and cost for you.  Visit us at www.hwmusa.com for a free quote today.