Why Reusable Sharps Containers?

In the medical waste disposal industry, containers play a large part in what we do.  They are the thin layer of separation between us and the contaminated contents that we work with and ultimately dispose of.  That being said, it is our goal to make that thin layer of separation as impenetrable and safe as possible.  The safer our containers, the safer our customers, the safer our employees, and the cleaner the environment.  It is this reason, along with many other advantages, why HWM chooses to use industry leading puncture resistant, anti-microbial infused reusable sharps containers.

Here are some facts about why we use the containers we do:

  • Puncture resistant containers largely reduce the number of sharps-related injuries to healthcare workers in the United States.
  • More time for healthcare workers to focus on caring for patient and not the exchanging/disposing of sharps containers, a regular part of their day.sharps
  • Anti-microbial infused containers inhibit bacterial, fungal, viral, and pathogen growth.
  • Prevents large amounts of plastic and tough material from being dumped and accumulating in landfills.
  • Reduces incineration disposal
  • Increased savings on containers, container management, as well as waste disposal and overall bottom-line.

As you can see, not only do our reusable containers reduce risk of infection, accidents, costs, and offer a safer environmental option, but also they represent a bit of what HWM stands for—safe, Eco-friendly, cost-effective service.  We take pride in our commitment to the customer and the environment and will always go the extra-mile to show it.  Click here to learn more about HWM and our reusable sharps containers.