Working Green

At Healthcare Waste Management, we take pride doing our work in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.  From implementing the use of reusable sharps containers, to the efficient and go green safe disposal of hazardous waste materials, environmental protection is always on our mind.  That being said, it doesn’t take disposing of bio hazardous medical waste to contribute to the cause.  Here are some things YOU can do to be green at work.

If you’re not using it, why is it on?


Turn off the lights.  Developing habits as simple as flipping off the switch can make a big difference in the long-run.

Use power bars for you electronics.  Make sure to only have them on when needed and turn them off at the end of the day.

Enable energy settings on your computer.  Chances are you spend a lot of time on this device and enabling these settings can make quite a difference.

Unplug things that use energy even while not being used.  These include cell phone chargers, computer chargers, and things with blinking lights.

Don’t Waste.

Reduce paper use.  Print double-sided sheets.  Fewer pieces of paper mean less of a mess

Send electronic copies.  Files should be on the computer, not in cabinets.

Use cloth towels in kitchens and bathrooms.  Save money on paper towels and help cut-back on a major environmental issue.

Look for supplies made of recycled materials.  Pens, folders, paper, staplers, all these and more are easily available.

Eat, drink, and be Green.


Avoid bottled water. Bring a glass to work or use a stainless steel mug for coffee. Place a pitcher of water in the fridge rather than using the faucet.

Reduce food miles by choosing locally grown foods.  What’s healthier for you is healthier for the environment.

Bring a lunch to work.  Save money, eat healthy, cut back on travel.

Be proactive.


Take it upon yourself.  Just because management isn’t implementing green strategies doesn’t mean you can’t.

Make people notice your habits.  Place plants on your desk, recycle (glass, plastics, aluminum, and empty ink and toner cartridges), use LED bulbs.

Talk about it.  The best way to spread awareness is to communicate!  Let others know what you’re doing and the benefits it can have for everyone.