5 Workplace Habits to Avoid a Data Security Breach

According to the 2016 Breach Level Index, almost half a billion records were breached last year, and almost 1.4 billion data records compromised. With sensitive information going back and forth between parties constantly, it has become more important than ever to practice good workplace habits for keeping secure documentation safe and secure. paper-shredding

  1. Use designated “shredding” and “recycling” bins at your desk instead of waste baskets. This workplace habit protects you and the environment! Make sure that you are taking care of private and confidential papers first, but then have a designated bin for recycling as well! This will ensure that nothing confidential gets thrown away in the regular trash.
  2. Keep printers on a secure network. According to studies done, security breaches can often times be traced back to wireless printers on an unsecure network. Try saving paper by printing only what you need, but also make sure wireless printers are just as password protected as everything else.
  3. Get rid of old devices that are no longer in use. While you may be done with old computers and cell phones, they can still put you at a potential threat of data security breach. Confidential and important company and personal information may still remain on old hard drives that a hacker would be able to access. Once you have all necessary files from old devices, get rid of them safely and securely.
  4. Keep a tidy work space. This may seem like an obvious one, but don’t leave confidential information out on your desk for anyone to see. You never know who may be passing through your work area that could easily get enough information to steal your identity, or cause even greater damage. When the paper starts piling up, make sure you sort it, keep what you need, and safely dispose of what you don’t.
  5. Have a secure shredding service set up by a licensed company. Once you have filled your secure shredding bins with confidential documentation, you’ll need a company to come pick up and dispose of it safely and securely. Healthcare Waste Management provides a service that is both safe and affordable. Our drivers and staff are expertly trained so that you and your office can have peace of mind, knowing your information and the information of your clients and customers has been destroyed properly.

To learn more about how Healthcare Waste Management can help you reduce waste, risk, and cost, contact us for a quote today!